(Updated 22/06/22)

"My placement I feel is going amazing, I'm working in the depot office mostly now and I feel I have learned a new skill in working the scanning machine.

It also keeps my routine going as well and everyone there is so supportive".


"I have never been involved in a food bank and now I know how it works, and the donations. I feel it is very worthwhile to be involved with this.

I thought the egg hunt was good for the families in Birtley and I enjoyed planning this with my support Rebecca".


"I really enjoy my work placement because my confidence is building. I have good eye contact and good body language which is important to have.

I am enjoying it because most weeks i am doing something different every week and learning a new experience".

Andrew M

"I really enjoyed working with Lynn, it gave me something to look forward to.

I am not feeling great at present, but will have a further opportunity later in the year when my mental health is better".


"I have a work placement supporting the Birtley Heritage Group. I work with Dave in preparing slideshows for the group to use when they visit venues and give presentations to relevant groups and spread awareness of local history. I am very keen on local history and I am delighted to have my weekly work placement to help create interesting videos for the Birtley Local History group".

Andrew G

"I am so pleased to have found this charity and have the opportunity of a weekly work placement.

I am now on my weekly placement and loving every minute".

Jack G

"I am looking forward to having my own placement.

I am currently developing my skills in the wellbeing sessions at present".


"I have just joined the group and currently working 1-1 with Heather to discuss a suitable weekly work placement for me, and we are going to do a couple of visits.

I am very excited for the work place visits and having my own weekly placement".


""I have just joined the group and am attending the Monday employment sessions and working 1-1 with Heather to consider work opportunities. I am keen to work in a coffee shop as I have done this before, but love to travel on buses and transport so Heather is looking into this further for me. I am enjoying meeting new friends and I'm excited for the future".

Jack H

"Because I work at Amazon on the other days, I do not require a work placement at present. I know that my previous work experience has given me work skills and confidence to obtain my paid employment. I continue to attend the employment support sessions to maintain my skills and be aware of future paid opportunities and work experience".



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