(Updated 22/06/22)

"My placement I feel is going amazing, I'm working in the depot office mostly now and I feel I have learned a new skill in working the scanning machine.

It also keeps my routine going as well and everyone there is so supportive".


"I have never been involved in a food bank and now I know how it works, and the donations. I feel it is very worthwhile to be involved with this.

I thought the egg hunt was good for the families in Birtley and I enjoyed planning this with my support Rebecca".


"I really enjoy my work placement because my confidence is building. I have good eye contact and good body language which is important to have.

I am enjoying it because most weeks i am doing something different every week and learning a new experience".

Andrew M

"I really enjoyed working with Lynn, it gave me something to look forward to.

I am not feeling great at present, but will have a further opportunity later in the year when my mental health is better".


"I have a work placement supporting the Birtley Heritage Group. I work with Dave in preparing slideshows for the group to use when they visit venues and give presentations to relevant groups and spread awareness of local history. I am very keen on local history and I am delighted to have my weekly work placement to help create interesting videos for the Birtley Local History group".

Andrew G

"I am so pleased to have found this charity and have the opportunity of a weekly work placement.

I am now on my weekly placement and loving every minute".

Jack G

"I am looking forward to having my own placement.

I am currently developing my skills in the wellbeing sessions at present".


"I am delighted to have my own weekly work placement at the Co-Op.

I have completed my induction with the Health & Safety Manager, and am looking forward to working in the staff canteen."


"I have just joined the Charity and am really pleased to have my own weekly placement.

The staff team at Etika have made me very welcome and I look forward to learning work related skills."

Jack H

"Because I work at Amazon on the other days, I do not require a work placement at present. I know that my previous work experience has given me work skills and confidence to obtain my paid employment. I continue to attend the employment support sessions to maintain my skills and be aware of future paid opportunities and work experience".



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