Rivington & Blackrod Grammar School

..........up to 1973

This site is dedicated to all the Staff and Pupils of this great, old school.

Sadly the school is now a HIGH School and much of its charm and character has now vanished into the mists of time.

Having made several visits to the school to try and find information for this site I was told that most of the old records had been 'disposed of', and that included old photographs, reports etc. Interestingly the school displays in its entrance Hall the charter from Queen Elizabeth I, and a notice saying the school has a long tradition....... Unfortunately, most of the tradition seems to have ended up in a land fill site somewhere. Although I have been informed since that many older records from the school are stored in the Records Office in (I think) Preston.

The current content was provided from my (Dave Ireland) own collection, and from several other ex-pupils (Dave Horsley, Stephen Pedley, Rob Stubbs, Nicola Hacking)

This is the fourth version of the site. The original version appeared in the 1990's and, I have to confess, wasn't particularly well constructed. I've learnt a bit since then so this version should at least work correctly. I'm coding this by hand, so it will take a bit of time to get it fully operational.

If you would like to help to fill in the gaps in this site please feel free to contact me!

Dave Ireland (Queens House 1966-73)