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Easter Lunch

At Morrisons in Birtley, we held a bag pack in which the young people attended to raise money in order to support the costs for a lunch and transport.

Our volunteers also supported with the planning of the lunch as well as supporting us on the day.

Everyone had a great time coming together for the afternoon and we all really enjoyed the food. A huge thanks to the Engine Rooms at Eighton Banks for making us feel very welcome.

We had a total of 22 people who attended the Easter lunch from a wide age range from 4 months old Lily to 91 years young, also called Lily.

Community Cafe

Thank you to everyone who supported our Community Cafe in 2017. The cafe was a huge success due to the local support of the community and volunteers.


Community Cafe Press Release

Click HERE to visit the Chronicle website. You need to scroll the page down to view the article 'Community café in Birtley helps more young adults'.



In memory of Graham Lowes who sadly passed away earlier this year, we held a fundraiser on Sunday 1st October. Graham always attended the fundraisers at Pelaw Grange Racetrack and has played a big part in our fundraisers. Graham is the brother of Ian Lowes who is Peter's stepfather. Graham will be missed by everyone.

The local community as well as family and friends of the group members and volunteers were in attendance to support our charity. The staff provided a really nice lunch for us all and as always, we were all made to feel welcome to the Racetrack and we also thank the local community for providing raffle prizes.

All who were in attendance enjoyed the event, it was a huge success and we successfully raised £520 at the event.

- Shaun Vinnicombe


Equality N.E. Awards 2017

As a group, we put together an application to include content of how we have supported our members, local community and parents. We had a visit from Helen from Equality North East Awards to discuss about the application and what content could be added.

We have been nominated as finalists for the "Small Company Making a Big Difference in the North East" we are very honoured to have this nomination and to be one of the finalists at the Equality Awards 2017 event on 19th October.

Our Director, Peter and Thomas, our Admin Support Worker attended the event at the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead to represent Skills 4 Work.

The event included free wine, a live band of young people and a 3 course meal. The winners of the "Small Company Making a Big Difference" Award was Gateshead Carers who work really hard and do a great job around Gateshead.

Peter and Tom had a really good time and they had a great opportunity to learn about other organisations and what they do.

Meeting Our MP, Liz Twist

We were delighted that Liz took time from her busy diary to come to our offices to learn about the charity. Liz took the opportunity to chat with some of our members and their parents about their involvement and how the charity has supported them. Liz also discussed her present role as our MP and how politics plays a role in everyone's daily lives and welcomed us to learn more as the views of young people are very important. Our discussions were then followed by lunch which was created by some of the members.

Comments from the Day:

"Having Liz Twist MP give up time for the group was very valuable as it allowed me to understand how important politics is for everyday life and how important it is to have a voice. Overall, the session was very valuable for me and my Mam" - Shaun, Group Member

"It was a pleasure to meet the members, parents and volunteers and learn about the valuable work this charity undertakes to support the young people and their families from across Gateshead. I am proud to be asked to be a patron and carry on the support that was offered by Dave Anderson from July 2014" - Liz Twist MP

Beamish Museum Family Day

We were kindly funded by The Key to plan and arrange a family day at Beamish Museum.

Members and volunteers purchased the items fthe day before the visit for the packed lunch. Packed lunches were created on the morning and we were then off to Beamish.

It was a fabulous day and we were very impressed by how welcoming the staff were, and the variety of activities available for all different ages.

We would once again like to thank The Key for their support as this will allow the families to visit the Beamish Museum for the next 12 months free of charge, as once you pay once you are then entitled to use your pass as many times as you would like.

Community Cafe

The Community Cafe has now been replaced by a series of events. Please contact us for a list of the events we are running in 2018.

Thank you to all our volunteers and local support for helping to run the Community Cafe.

Community Cafe Image

View the Activity Programme for full details

Afternoon Teas at Sheltered Housing Schemes in Birtley

During March & April, members and volunteers visited 5 local venues to provide an afternoon of tea and entertainment in the form of Easter card making, Water Colour painting and bingo. Followed by an afternoon tea of cream cakes, cakes and sandwiches.

The afternoons were a huge success with many local residents very interested in the new community café which will start Tuesday 18th April and run every 2 weeks from Fusion Studio, Birtley.

The photos demonstrate how young adults and the older community came together and enjoy an organised afternoon.


I have had a lovely afternoon, thank you very much to the young people for coming along today.

I have never tried Water Colour painting before and will look forward to the café.

I am pleased we obtained the funding to run the afternoon tea this has helped my confidence working with members of the community.

Co-Op Local Community Fund Awareness Event

Volunteers and members talked to Co-op customers today about the fund and how it is supporting the training of our volunteers for the Community Cafe at their stall in the store.

Customers also had the opportunity to sample Co-op bakery products.

  • "We are delighted to support the Community Cafe training via the Local Community Fund especially when it is based in the town here in Birtley". - Carol, Birtley Store Manager
  • "I am developing my catering skills whilst part of the volunteer team connected with the Cafe. I have also completed my Level 2 Food Safety". - Peter, Group Member
  • "It is lovely to hear how well the charity are doing. I used to speak with Sarah, one of the young people who volunteered here at the Co-op when I done my shopping. I was delighted to hear she had got a paid job from her voluntary work. Keep up the good work! - Anne, Birtley Resident

Co-Op Local Cause

We were delighted to be 1 of 3 local charities in our area to be the 'Co-Op Local cause' in 2016.

Once again thank you for the support from the Co-Op and their local members for choosing us as one of their local causes in 2017.

If you live in the DH3 area please support us!

Co-Op Local Cause banner

Co-Op Community Fund

We are delighted to be supported once again by the generous people of Birtley, supporting us via the Co-Op Members Fund.

We have received £2,350 to support our Community Cafe, which offers catering and hospitality training to our members, whilst offering an activity and information programme for our local community.

On Wednesday 19th April we set-up a stand and discussed the Community cafe and the activity programme available April - October to customers. The feedback from the Co-Op customers was very supportive of the charity and the new Cafe.


"I will come along to your Cafe and think it is great to get information on such things as Will writing and to try new crafts such as Water Colour Painting."

Ann - Mount Road, Birtley

"We are delighted to support Skills4Work (Gateshead) Ltd. We have seen first hand the fantastic work that is provied to support the young people connected with the charity."

Carol - Birtley Store Manager.

2nd Anniversary Celebration Event

Thank you to the 75 guests who came along to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary. Guests included members, family, volunteers, local business support and the local community.

View a document describing the event

Community Wellbeing Event : Volunteer Month July 2016

We were kindly funded by Gateshead Council to run an event to give the local community the opportunity to meet local providers and learn more about volunteering in Gateshead.

Dementia Breakfast Club

View the Dementia Breakfast Club leaflet

NHS Health Checks

Thank you to volunteers and members of the local community who have benefitted from the free NHS Health Checks held at our training centre within Fusion Studio.

Health Check dates for 2018 are yet to be confirmed.

If you would like to have a health check please contact us!

View the NHS Health Check Leaflet