Photography Project

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Photography Programme

Skills 4 Work have been working on the This is Me project which involves each member taking and putting together photos that represent each members' individual lives and who they are. Once the photos were gathered, we discussed as a group about the photos and how they represent each members' lives.

Throughout the development of the project, we were provided support by Professional Photographer, Helen who gave helpful tips and guidance on how to take good photos. The group were then able to go take their photos.

After all photos were taken, we arranged them into a variety of layouts and discussed as a group regarding the finish photos and we are happy with what we have come up with. The finished work is to be displayed at the Thought Foundation Art Gallery on Tuesday 5th December.

- Shaun Vinnicombe

Photography : Guest Speaker, Helen - Professional Photographer

On Tuesday 26th September for our well-being session, Helen was our guest speaker. She explained her photography background and what her experience in photography has been including travelling to Africa for her photography. She demonstrated the types of photos that can be taken which has allowed us to understand more about photography that will be put into action as we develop our This is Me project.

She also demonstrated how to take the best photos which will be helpful for developing our photography skills. The group enjoyed the session and will put the knowledge gained into practice as they go ahead and take photos that represent their everyday lives and interests.

We look forward to working with Helen over the coming months.

- Shaun Vinnicombe