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Skills 4 Work has supported me over the past 3 years to have two work placements, and have a greater understanding of the world of work during the weekly Employment Support Group and Work Placement Programme. I have also worked with Azure Training for the past 6 months, in partnership with the charity.

I now have a 21hr per week paid employment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which I am really enjoying.


Skills 4 Work has helped me get a paid job in retail with Marks & Spencer in Newcastle.

The kind of things I do are put the stock out, and the tills. It has given me loads of confidence. I really enjoy going on the tills and helping customers.


As a member of Skills 4 Work, the group has supported me as I went into paid employment. The group has helped grow my confidence in the workplace, and it has allowed me to become an employee with a positive attitude in my job.

Skills 4 Work have had a major role in my life that has contributed to my success.


We attended the Sage Event at Gosforth which was really good as I was meeting new people, talking about what we do and how successful the members have been with gaining paid employment. The other people also talked about what they did, which was very interesting to hear. I was also confident in the panel meeting discussion about the project we came up with, and why we wanted to apply for the Level 4 Funding.

This event helps me at work as when we have marketing events I have more confidence when talking to people there.


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