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Creative Card Making

Once again, a great hands on activity session, designing and creating hand made cards. It became a very competitive session as we had 2 teams competing to see which team could produce the most cards. We took direction from Carol one of our volunteers who kindly prepared the materials prior to the session.

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Will Writing

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A very interesting and informative session on why we should all have a Will. Claire from Clarke Muirs very kindly gave us her valuable time to give an informal talk followed by 1 to 1 brief sessions to give members of the community the opportunity to discuss their individual questions. Claire kindly left information on the subject, please feel free to contact us for further information. We are delighted that so many people have taken the opportunity to learn more about the important topic.

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Diabetes Advice 15th August 2017

We would like to thank Helen from Gateshead Housing for arranging our Diabetes Advice Talk.

Rachel from Traincon gave a very interesting and interactive workshop helping us all to understand what type 2 Diabetes is, and the effects it has on the body. The session was very well attended with Gateshead people from Birtley, Wrekenton, Harlow Green and as far as Winlaton. In total we had 19 people attending from across Gateshead.

Comments from the event:

  • "Very good and interesting, enjoyed it very much"
  • "Very informative"
  • "Excellent, informative and educational"
  • "The session was very informative and interesting, I learnt a lot about the condition"
  • "It was informative and made me understand more about what to eat"
  • "Very interesting and I now have a greater understanding of sugar"
  • "Very interesting about diabetes and the sugar content in foods I eat"
  • "I found this event very educational and some interesting discussions about diabetes"
  • "Oh dear, I thought I was eating the correct foods, I think I need to look into what I eat more"

North East Counselling Services

Tim explained why the service began and who it supports. We are proud to work in partnership with the service which has had clear benefits for our members who use their 1 to 1 service.

We were interested and delighted to learn from a couple of our members who discussed how the 1 to 1 support has made a huge difference to their positive well-being.

We had 16 people attend the session from across Gateshead who now are aware of the service and how to access them.

View the Activity Programme for full details