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Community Christmas Celebration

It was lovely to be able to offer an afternoon for all to come along and celebrate the end of the year. The group members were supported by members of the volunteer team to provide a buffet lunch, prizes, bingo and a Christmas music quiz.

A huge thank you to all who attended and made this a lovely afternoon.

Water Colour Painting

Community Cafe Image

In May, the community has spent several weeks learning the basics of water colour painting. Arts teacher Allison took the sessions to teach the community the various effects and techniques as well as the colour spectrum. Paintings we created included green and red peppers. We used small paint canvases to paint our images. The community very much enjoyed it and many found painting as a relaxing activity for them to do at home.

- Shaun V

10th October : Introduction to Pilates

On the 10th October, Kath who runs Fusion Studio provided a free session to introduce the community to the exercise of Pilates as part of the community cafe. The community very much enjoyed it and we learned about the benefits of Pilates.

Benefits of Pilates included better wellbeing, fitness and a good state of mind for each individual. Kath ran the session really well and the session overall was a success.

Parliament Week

During Parliament Week, we took a look at our current voting system. Andrew who has a very high interest in politics ran the session as his knowledge in politics was able to be put into practice and was valuable for the session.

As a group, we discussed whether all members should take an active role in fundraising to support the charity and debated to each other our ideas for what fundraisers we could do during 2018.

At the end of the session we used the ballot box provided directly from parliament to write our votes on paper to place into the box.

Overall, the session was valuable for the group as it demonstrated the extent in which politics has a role in everyday life.

Gateshead Advice Centre

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Lisa from CAB was our guest speaker on Tuesday 20th June where we had a really good session on the services that they provide to the people of Gateshead as well as the sort of advice they give to anyone who comes to see them. After the talk, members of the community had the opportunity to speak to Lisa 1 to 1 privately about any concerns they may have and Lisa provided advice to help them with those concerns.

- Shaun V

Community Cafe

Community Cafe Image

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Discover Parliament

At our Community Cafe on Tuesday 26th September, Lynn, an outreach worker for Parliament gave a talk about the roles of Parliament including the roles of the House of Lords and House of Commons as well as democracy. Lynn discussed about the role of the MPs, what they do to make a difference and how they interact with their constituents.

We also went on to a website to look further into the roles of the House of Lords and House of Commons. The discussion was very informative and it allowed us to know how and why politics plays an important role in our everyday lives.

(Some of the concerns expressed by the young people)

- Shaun Vinnicombe

Creative Card Making

Once again, a great hands on activity session, designing and creating hand made cards. It became a very competitive session as we had 2 teams competing to see which team could produce the most cards. We took direction from Carol one of our volunteers who kindly prepared the materials prior to the session.

Card making image 1 Card making image 2 Card making image 3

Will Writing

Will Writing Image 1

A very interesting and informative session on why we should all have a Will. Claire from Clarke Muirs very kindly gave us her valuable time to give an informal talk followed by 1 to 1 brief sessions to give members of the community the opportunity to discuss their individual questions. Claire kindly left information on the subject, please feel free to contact us for further information. We are delighted that so many people have taken the opportunity to learn more about the important topic.

Will Writing Image 2Will Writing Image 4Will Writinf Image 3

Diabetes Advice 15th August 2017

We would like to thank Helen from Gateshead Housing for arranging our Diabetes Advice Talk.

Rachel from Traincon gave a very interesting and interactive workshop helping us all to understand what type 2 Diabetes is, and the effects it has on the body. The session was very well attended with Gateshead people from Birtley, Wrekenton, Harlow Green and as far as Winlaton. In total we had 19 people attending from across Gateshead.

Comments from the event:

  • "Very good and interesting, enjoyed it very much"
  • "Very informative"
  • "Excellent, informative and educational"
  • "The session was very informative and interesting, I learnt a lot about the condition"
  • "It was informative and made me understand more about what to eat"
  • "Very interesting and I now have a greater understanding of sugar"
  • "Very interesting about diabetes and the sugar content in foods I eat"
  • "I found this event very educational and some interesting discussions about diabetes"
  • "Oh dear, I thought I was eating the correct foods, I think I need to look into what I eat more"

North East Counselling Services

Tim explained why the service began and who it supports. We are proud to work in partnership with the service which has had clear benefits for our members who use their 1 to 1 service.

We were interested and delighted to learn from a couple of our members who discussed how the 1 to 1 support has made a huge difference to their positive well-being.

We had 16 people attend the session from across Gateshead who now are aware of the service and how to access them.

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