Art Project

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Water Colour Painting

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In May, the group has spent several weeks learning the basics of water colour painting. Arts teacher Allison took the sessions to teach the group the various effects and techniques as well as the colour spectrum. Paintings we created included green and red peppers. We used small paint canvases to paint our images. The group very much enjoyed it and many found painting as a relaxing activity for them to do at home.

- Shaun V

Art for All Project : Highlights from the project

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the young people and their support team connected with the charity. It was clear at the beginning that the young people did not have a positive experience of art as a child and therefore I agree with Tracey how important the project has been to develop new skills, confidence, self-esteem and the opportunity to have a go! I hope to work with the young people again to take forward their new found skills.

Alison Diamond : Masters Degree - Fine Art

Screen Printing:

I have never done this before and I was pleased with my finished piece of work. I was pleased to display my work and my mam came along and was impressed at the standard of our work.

It has made me more confident to have a go again and produce more detailed work next time, if this is possible.


Screen Printing:

I enjoyed the screen printing as I never done it before and found it enjoyable and easy to do. I enjoyed displaying my work in an art gallery because it allowed members of the community to look at our work we completed.

It has made a difference to me because it has opened my eyes to art and would like to explore art more.


Screen Printing was brilliant I enjoyed doing my leaf and I found it very relaxing. I felt really pleased about people seeing my work and it was very positive.

It has made me want to do more art and I get a lot of pleasure doing it.

Andrew M

Screen Printing was really interesting because it was great to learn how to screen print different shapes onto paper. It was great to display my art work so the public can give feedback on what they think of my art work.

It has given me some art skills and knowledge as art was not one of my favourite subjects.


Water Colour Painting:

I enjoyed learning the colour wheel and how to mix colours to form other colours. I produced a canvas to take home.

It made me feel good showing my art work to other people in the art gallery and I also enjoyed the café there.

I feel more conformable doing art and should like to try more.


Water colour Painting:

I enjoyed the painting as I draw in my spare time. I enjoyed painting on the canvas and did not get an opportunity to attend the art gallery as I now have paid employment, but I am proud that my work was displayed.

Alison was an excellent teacher and made me feel very relaxed and this allowed me to get the most out of the sessions.


Christmas Crafts - wooden box design

I focused on doing the Christmas box design which included painting the box and then adding Christmas themed decorations on and filling the box with Christmas treats.

I am happy I had the opportunity to go to the Thought Foundation, Art Gallery and discuss my artwork with others.

It has helped me grow my confidence in art and gives me confidence to do more art in the future.


General Comment:

I enjoyed some aspects of the sessions but as I do not think I am good at art I like to focus on things I like. Alison was very nice and made me feel more at ease.

I passed on the art gallery exhibition, but the group discussed my artwork to others who were at the art gallery.

It has made me have a go and maybe try this again.

Andrew G

It has been a pleasure to volunteer our time to support this programme during May to December 2017. We have also had the opportunity to work with Alison whilst supporting the young people and learn new skills also.

Volunteer Project Team - Claire, June, Val, Carol, Teresa

Thought Foundation Art Gallery

On 5th December 2017, we went to the Thought Foundation Art Gallery located in Birtley. We exhibited our Art creations which included our Water Colour Paintings, Screen Printing, Christmas Art and our Christmas Boxes. We were joined by Alison who has supported us with our art projects who explained to our guests and members of the public the different stages to produce the finished artworks.

The photos are of our different exhibited at the Art Gallery.